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Toy Blocks Effective dietetic treatment: ESPRICO® is a food for special medical purposes for the treatment of AD(H)D accompanied by poor concentration and learning difficulties. ESPRICO® has been developed on the basis of present knowledge specially for the nutritional needs of children aged 5 and above who are suffering from AD(H)D.


  • High-quality oils: ESPRICO® consists predominantly of pure sea fish oil and cold-pressed evening primrose oil. All oils are tested rigorously to ensure they are free from harmful substances.
  • Easy to use and take: ESPRICO® has a pleasant fruity taste and is available as a delicious suspension, which comes in stick packs or as chewable capsules: whereas the stick packs containing the suspension are able to be squeezed out directly into the mouth, the capsules can be either swallowed or chewed. Alternatively, you can open the capsule and squeeze the contents out and mix them into your child’s food. ESPRICO® is best taken during or after meals.
  • Additives: ESPRICO® contains neither flavour enhancers nor preservatives. What is more, ESPRICO® is free from gluten and lactose.
  • Tolerability: ESPRICO® is a well-tolerated food supplement. Merely in the case of an eventual allergy to one of the ingredients such as fish or evening primrose oil, for instance, should the product not be used.
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